The basic concept of Smart classroom solution revolves around the idea of improving the understanding level of students. Technology plays a vital role in achieving students’ learning goals. Utilizing technology in a learning environment helps to maximize their attention and engagement which results in the number of academic records. Smart classroom solution is helpful for both teachers as well as students

Interactive training technology is transforming the learning process both in classrooms and corporate training rooms and for both instructors and learners. This is leading to a quiet but powerful transformation of learning processes both in educational institutions and within organisations who are trying to upgrade the skills and knowledge base of their teams.

A typical smart classroom consists of basic AV solution like a Projector (short throw or long throw), Projection Screen and a Magnetic board, Wall Speakers and a Digital Podium with the in-built PC system.

Another option to make a digital Classroom is to have an interactive display with inbuilt PC, these interactive displays are available in sizes from 55 Inch to 86 Inch with specific Classroom solutions like Sharing content to screen wirelessly, making notes on the presentation like annotations and saving the same and distributing to all students via email. Multi-window options to view presentations and other content simultaneously while teaching.

Digital Classroom Technology includes Document cameras, PTZ cameras, lecture capture system and wireless presentation system are aimed to create a student-centred interactive classroom allowing students to watch events happen in real-time and catch up on lectures with recorded videos. Education institutions are capable to live stream and record video creating more possibilities for learning any type of coursework.

In Lecture capture solution, recorded videos can be saved to a built-in hard disk (1TB) or external hard disk using a flash drive. Afterwards, the files can be uploaded to an FTP/SFTP site or a cloud platform. It supports scheduled recordings and FTP/SFTP uploading at a specific time, equipped with HDMI / VGA / RJ-45 ports and supports Full HD 1080p video and audio recording – so there’s no need to purchase extra matrix equipment. It supports synchronized, multi-source inputs such as IP PTZ cameras, document cameras, and laptops. It supports live streaming to deliver live video, audio and instruction to another location simultaneously. Also, it supports HTML 5 for viewing the course content on any device via a web browser. For optimal convenience in operation, the signal input is managed with the included remote control, and the parameter is recorded from the administration webpage, supports Ethernet, allowing for integration with IP cameras. This makes for cost-effective and simple installation and setup. Customized functions to produce professional microfilm easily and quickly. Users can insert watermarks, titles and trailers so that film can be produced instantly without a lengthy post-production process. Regarding security and privacy concerns, the presenter can decide to record the video onto a flash drive only.

Another unique product used prominently in Digital Classroom Technology is the document cameras to capture the images of the documents accessed by the instructors in a classroom. These images can be captured and broadcasted to a large audience through the live stream. It is equipped with a professional image sensor that has high sensitivity when identifying brightness and contrast with low noise and vivid colour reproduction. It supports extremely high definition QXGA, Full HD 1080p, SXGA, and varies signal formats for the crystal-clear image. All frequently used commands are designed into buttons on camera base for convenience like lamp on-off, image freeze, capture, and image optimization to adjust sharpness, brightness, and focus for the best image quality. Only one USB cable is connected to a computer for operating easily without an external power adapter or VGA cable to provide a clear and neat desktop. Plug and play design avoids complicated installation and is compatible with computer systems and all major IWB brands with the built-in microphone for video and audio recording are made convenient to record training sessions, meetings, seminars, lectures with annotation, and effective playback when needed. Innovative joint-free, highly flexible gooseneck design ensures smooth movement without vibration, and easy to use. All details of an object can be viewed at any angle.

These are few regularly used technologies in modern classrooms in medium and large classrooms and auditoriums for enhanced learning experiences.